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"I need to know the story of an ingredient. I have to know where it comes from, I have to imagine the hands that have cultivated, worked and cooked what I eat" Carlo Petrini

Pasiga by Claudio Melis is born of the land and sea, of effort and dedication, of imagination, glances, gestures and respect. A personal vision, which through a handful of dishes created with carefully selected ingredients, gives life to a "circular" cuisine, to a state of wellbeing which extends to all the elements that come together to create an experience. An ethical interpretation of aesthetics, and respect, in its truest sense. Pasiga by Claudio Melis is not the final destination, rather it is all that you take with you when you leave.

Pasiga by Claudio Melis is characterized by modern design, floor-to-ceiling windows and a stunning terrace with panoramic views. It offers something completely new in the culinary landscape of the Costa Smeralda and Sardinia. A bistronomic restaurant with an elegant, fresh, sustainable, ethical and territorial style of cooking. Attentive and efficient service, which is present but never overbearing, combined with a friendly approach to put guess completely at ease. This is all complemented by a wine list that showcases Sardinia, the Sardinia where terroir, indigenous grape varieties and spontaneous ferments meet with nature and wellbeing.

A gastronomic concept that aims to reclaim something of the territory, where ingredients and tradition are looked at from different points of view, bringing to life a new aesthetic, deeply anchored in Sardinia but expressed in a new way that is modern and thought-provoking yet at the same time understandable.

A restaurant of memory, of belonging - a little bit pop...a bit rock and roll! 


Pasigà Restaurant by Claudio Melis, è il ristorante bistronomico del Sulià House Porto Rotondo, a Curio Collection by Hilton. 

Un ristorante ed una terrazza panoramica con vista sul magico Golfo di Cugnana e le colline della Gallura. Si propone come il primo ristorante etico-sostenibile della zona e uno dei pochi in Sardegna. 

Una cucina fresca, colorata, che mette al centro il prodotto locale e la filiera corta. 

La tradizionale cucina dell' isola viene reinterpretata in modo nuovo e creativo, esplorando nuove suggestioni gustative e guardando alla tradizione da un altro punto di vista. 

In questa nuova veste, l'ospite ritrova l'anima dell'isola nel piatto. Il menu propone pochi piatti da selezionatissimi prodotti ed un menu degustazione di 7 portate, vera espressione della filosofia dell chef. Il servizio è giovane e fresco, attento e non intrusivo. 

Il mondo del vino vede protagonisti accanto ai grandi classici della viticultura nazionale ed internazionale un selezione di vini naturali espressione del terroir sardo. 

Tutto questo per poter creare un “experience” per l'ospite e diventare una dining destination nella zona e nell'isola.